Our organization

Our way of working is what makes us different:

  • We carefully choose the manufacturers according to our client request. The final choice is done after strictly checking different aspects of each manufacturer, like financial situation, quality, technical skills, etc.
  • We analyze the quality of the products. Products must comply strictly with the clients specifications and with the related standards.
  • We send samples to the client for the acceptance of the product. The mass production will be carried out upon acceptance of submitted samples.
  • We control the production processes. Quality control in the factory is designed to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • We take care of the inland transport. We work in FOB terms in order to make easier the client life (we take care of the goods until they are on board ready to be shipped out). We could also help in the whole import chain in case the client asks us for that (DDU terms). 

We have a big knowledge and experience with China and we are open to any suggestions from our customers. We are able to control the whole purchasing process as well as each one of our main services separately. Thanks to us, you minimize the risk, our specialists will control everything for you!!!



+48 889 823 745

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