I’m interested in importing from China, I found already a producer and I received an offer. All the extra issues I would like to do them through a company like yours. Please give me information about a possible cooperation.

With every client, we always start to work from recognizing his needs and exact technical specifications of the product in which he is interested in (product’s dimensions, exact description of features, required certificates, etc.). Thanks to this we are able to do sourcing of the product and find it with the right price. Next step is to send samples to the client in order to check and accept them. This allows the client to take a decision of starting with the importation or to do some amendments or changes in the product. If the client is decided to start importation, our company can control the production, can do the quality control and can assist when loading of the goods.

We are interested in the possibility of exporting our products to the Chinese market. What’s the chance for success of this project?

To give an answer to this question a market research is necessary in order to have a knowledge of the sector or branch in which your company is working in. Chinese market is a difficult market, but very interesting (many western companies got success thanks to they were able to propose innovative products or good quality ones).

We would like to introduce our products into the Chinese market, but we are afraid that Chinese will start to copy them. Can you help us to minimize the risk?

Lots of companies don’t decide to export to China just because the are afraid of copies. As a first step we can registrate your brand in China (our experience tells us that is a good solution). Of course there is always a risk of copy but the same you have outside China, in the sense that any Chinese abroad can buy your product and take it to China for copying. On the other side, extra protections like bar code, authenticity seal, etc. can be carried out. Or even the cooperation with a Chinese partner who, as per his own interest, will do a proper follow up of the market and products.

 Do you help also with small orders? Do you provide invoices for your services?

Because of our type of work and because of every inquiry is different, we always analyze the possibility of import from China and profitability of each project. Please contact us and give us more details of your project so we can give you a good feedback. Yes, we will provide you an invoice. China Sourcing is a legal company registrated in Poland.

Please help me with a problem of transport from China. I have a good contact from the trade show, client and goods are verified, but I can not understand him (…).  Can you check the documents which he sent to us in Chinese language?

Of course we can help you with all these issues. Please send us all the information which you have (mailing with this client, the quaotations you received, agreements during the trade show, technical specification of the product, etc..) and we will help you to solve all the questions. Yes, we can check the documents in Chinese language.

Since some time ago we import already from Chinaand we have there few trustful suppliers. What can you propose to us in this situation?

We can revise your contracts and agreements (trying to get, for example, lower prices), verify your purchasing chain (we already found out few times that, thinking of buying from the supplier, our customer is buying from a trader), do quality control or assist the loading of the container. We can also check if we are able to find better option for you.

We plant to start to trade with flash memory and pen drives and we are interested in finding good and trustful suppliers. (…)

China Sourcing doesn’t work with these kind of products. We do not help with import of electronic stuff, copied goods, weapons and any other goods which are forbidden by the law.

What’s China Sourcing price list?

Depending on your needs and service required we will prepare the suitable offer for you. In case of Quality Control in a factory, the final cost will include the expenses of the inspector.

 We are interested in producing and importing from China steel, casting and plastic parts. Are you able to help in this matter?

China Sourcing is specialized in these kind of products: mechanization, casting, forging, injection, etc. China Sourcing has interesting contacts in this field. Please, provide us your drawing and technical specifications and we will give you our best quotation. We can follow the production process, the Quality of your products and the loading of the container.

I would like to have a report about one Chinese company. What can you do about this and what information do you include in this report?

China Sourcing can prepare a report of a Chinese company with the objective of giving you the maximum information which can help you to decide whether to cooperate with this company. The report includes the next data (coming from official sources):

  • Basic information (company’s profile, licenses, contact details)
  • Analysis of financial standing
  • Information about the shareholders, their business competences and business experience
  • Information about possessed buildings, factories, etc..
  • Number of employers
  • Main business parties
  • Estimation of risk in case of starting the cooperation

Other information, according to client’s needs.



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