Control of Chinese company/audit
According to our clients needs, we prepare a rapport about a Chinese company. Thanks to the information got from Chinese government offices and some contacts, we are able to verify this Chinese company (its existence, risk, etc.). This information will help our client to decide if cooperation is possible. Rapport is prepared in English in up to 7 working days from the order date. After agreement from our clients side, we can also do audit of the Chinese party and give our client more real information about a possible cooperation.

Product outsourcing
After receiving the request from the client, we start the process of sourcing the suitable product which needs to be according to the specifications provided by the client: we check its availability, its approximate price and we provide technical specifications. Everything will be shown in our report which you will receive.

Purchasing in China
This service is provided when the product required can be found as a standard product, meaning that no moulds or tooling are involved. Mainly includes the following of the production and quality control until the goods are ready to be shipped out. We normally work in FOB conditions.

Product Industrialization
In this case, some moulds/tooling are required (the product cannot be purchased as a standard one). China Sourcing controls the manufacturing of moulds/tooling.

Quality Control
China Sourcing provides also Quality control services in Chinese factories. Tell us your need and we will give you our sincere availability (China is a huge country and it is not possible to manage everything everywhere).

Extra services

Any need you might have, do not hesitate to let us know. We will study the possibility of satisfying your demand. China Sourcing is a flexible company which can also help you in arranging your trips to China, plane tickets, hotels, etc.

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