For businessmen starting their import business, Chinese market is a big challenge. Thanks to the development of Internet technology in particular, the contact with the Chinese manufacturers is nowadays much easier. Some trading websites invite to start cooperation with China offering good prices and attractive offers. However, not everyone is able to work in such a different cultural environment which often provocates problems of misunderstanding that can affect the business relationship. On the other hand, not everyone is able to follow and solve daily production and logistic problems. We introduceyou some of those problems which our experts solve almost daily. 


Difficulties in business negotiations:

  • Lack of mutual understanding of intentions 
  • Difficulties because of the language and culture
  • Ignorance of the Chinese business culture 

Complications in the production process:

  • Changes in product characteristics
  • Bad finishing of the products
  • Low quality of the raw materials used
  • Delays in production
  • Goods with critical defects, not suitable for sale 

Logistic problems:

  • Bad packaging, not fulfilling its functions
  • Lack of basic elements such as the instruction manual
  • Loading without satisfying the security rules
  • Lack of certificates 

To learn from own and others mistakes is often very expensive, time consuming and not always drives you to the main objective. Our company has many years of experience and was created to minimize your risk with your imports from China.Thanks to us, you have the control over the production process and you can be sure of the Quality of your products.

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