Year after year, China is consolidating as the biggest economic and political power in the world. Currently, China is already the second global economy and is a strategic business partner for many countries. China is not only interesting for the possibility of importing cheap products. Large numbers of Chinese citizens has a high purchasing power and they are attracted by Western products of good quality and attractive design. There are already many Chinese who look for products with Western brands in shopping malls or exclusive shops. Every year, sales of luxury products increase and, every time more, Western brands go into the hands of Chinese owners. How non chinese companies can benefit from this situation? China Sourcing firm offers you assistance for exporting to China, for searching the correct Chinese partner and for distribution in China.


What can we do for your company?
  • Market studies
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Evaluation of possibilities for success of your project
  • Partner searching
  • Help with your first contacts with Chinese
  • Advice on legal issues



















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